The last year has been a challenging one for most of us and spending more time in our own homes has become the norm.  Looking after our indoor space has been a priority for many and creating a calm environment is beneficial both physically and mentally.  Plants can change our indoor space for the better and aren't just decorative.  Capable of lowering our stress levels; they can even rid the air we breathe of harmful pollutants.

Studies have shown that there are tangible psychological benefits to having plants in our indoor spaces: mood levels improved; reduced stress levels; feeling more productive and attention span can be improved.  Creating an indoor jungle can ensure that when life doesn't offer the opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors your mental wellbeing can still be boosted from within the home.

Our new indoor plants will be available both online for local (and soon National) delivery, click and collect and in store.  Our plants will be coming direct from Holland where the quality is exceptional and prices competitive.  However, when we can source locally we certainly will... All plants will come with care information and there is further advice on our website.  

The plant varieties:

  • Aeschynanthus Marmoratus - Lipstick Trailing 
    • Lush and full of foliage - cascading stems all year round, but with Summer bringing tubular flowers looking like a Lipstick!
  • Chlorophytum Comosum - Spider Plant
    • Stunning and easy to care for - what more could you want!  These fab favourites look great in a pot or hanging amongst your indoor jungle.  The green and yellow leaves flow over the sides of your chosen pot giving way to the baby plantlets - dangling like spiders on a thread.
  • Epiphyllum Anguliger - Fishbone Cactus   
    • This ornamental cactus has cool foliage and beautiful flowers in Autumn.  Also known as Fishbone and Zigzag cactus because of the wavy foliage - this plant is an eye catcher.  Trailing, unusual and on plenty of cactus lovers wish lists!
  • Monstera Minima - Mini Cheese Plant
    • A fast growing climber, this tropical vining plant loves a moss pole to crawl up.  A mini version of the classic cheese plant; it's split leaves and speedy growth rate means it will be a great addition to your home jungle.
  • Peperomia Polybotrya - Teardrop
    • Growing no more than 30cm, the teardrop and cupped leaves mean this plant is great for sitting on your shelf and brightening up your home.  It's glossy green foliage is beautiful all year round -it particularly likes flourescent lights so great in an office or basement too.
  • Philodendron - Congo Millions
    • Beautiful green and glossy foliage makes this plant a real head turner.   Although light loving - find a spot where the sunlight doesn't actually reach the leaves of the plant.
  • Pilea Peperonioides - Chinese Money Plant
    • This unusual plant will creat an intriguing display - with the round leaves balancing on the stems.  Would suit a windowsill or table in a lightly shaded spot.  A plant that is on many a collectors' wishlist, we are lucky to have sourced such a beauty.
  • Sansevieria Laventii - Mother In Law's Tongue
    • Otherwise known as Mother in Law's tongue - these easy to care for succulents are a great addition to your home.  One of the best plants for purifying the air - these are popular for all the right reasons.  This plant is almost bullet proof and thrives on neglect!
  • Sansevieria Trifasciata - Snake Plant
    • Often referred to as a snake plant - these easy to care for succulents are a great addition to your home.  One of the best plants for purifying the air - very popular for all the right reasons.  This plant is almost bullet proof and thrives on neglect!
  • Tradescantia Zebrina - Silver Inch Plant
    • Also known as the Silver Inch Plant - this is a stunner.  It makes a striking feature in a hanging (indoor) basket or it can be placed on a shelf in a bright room.  Adding colour with it's silver and green striped leaves (purple when young) and purple underside which remain as it matures, it will soon become one of your favourites.

Watch this space for more varieties coming soon...


New Year... New You

After a very busy Christmas, the Fine Fruits Direct team are thinking about the New Year and our customers.  We were very lucky to meet lots of current and potential customers at both the Heswall Ice Festival and Birkenhead Park Victorian Market... So many of you asked us if we will be doing veg boxes, fruit boxes and perhaps a juicing box...

IMG 2523_Fotorsprout 

Christmas is coming...

We are very excited this year to be having a stall at the Heswall Ice Festival from 1st - 4th December 2016!!  The event should be lots of fun meeting new local businesses and we are looking forward to telling future customers about our website and online ordering system.  Not to mention the amazing Christmas boxes... so pop down to say hello.

Perfect Pumpkins on the way...

Pumpkin Visit

It's that time of year already... Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins... Any size, most shapes and yes some different colours!!!

We have been to visit our local Pumpkin suppliers and you definitely won't be disappointed with the top quality beauties we will be selling this year.

The Hunt for New Suppliers


The Hunt for New Suppliers

Well, the new Autumn Term is getting well under way and we are giving our customers’ lots of healthy, local options for lunchboxes, evening meals and snacks.

On the hunt to find some farms with fresh produce for Fine Fruits Direct!


Fine Fruits Direct is Live!

Hooray!! At last, the Fine Fruits Direct website has finally arrived…

At Fine Fruits of Pensby Ltd we have been thinking about ways to help our loyal customers and our new customers stay healthy with added convenience. Our family have run Fine Fruits of Pensby Ltd for over 20 years and have served our local community with fresh, local, high quality produce. We not only have our retail customers but also our catering business – supplying independent restaurants, hotels, cafes, nursing homes and fast food establishments with high quality produce.