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We were lucky enough to come across Woodlands Farm over the summer when we went out and about searching for local farms in Cheshire.  Roy and his family work so hard and the farm is immaculately kept and well maintained.  Roy is very particular about all of his produce and this is clear from the quality of his establishment.

Currently, we are visiting Woodlands Farm at least three times each week to ensure the produce we are providing our customers with is 'fresh from the field'...  Lettuce, lettuce and more lettuce... the restaurants we supply and our local customers are loving the quality and variety of lettuce that Roy and his family grow:

- Iceberg - probably the best you can buy!

- Lollo Rosso

- Oakleaf

- Lollo Biondi

- Cos

They are all available and in season now - so be quick and get yours on line or in the shop.

Of course it isn't just lettuce Woodlands Farm grows, oh no the purest white Cauliflowers, the tastiest leeks (with sooo many roots) and mouth-watering cucumbers (just finishing but still taste great).  

Ooops nearly forgot - Heritage Tomatoes - look cool and taste fab... we couldn't believe the quality - so many colours and bursting with a variety of flavours.

IMG 2218_Fotor_heritage_tom

At Fine Fruits Direct we have clear aims to support local farmers and provide our customers with fresh, seasonal and high quality products.  Order online or call into our shop to sample the amazing, seasonal, local produce we have to offer.